CBS analyst Dottie Pepper quits Twitter after response to broadcast mistake

May 3, 2017

Twitter can be a mean place for anyone, especially those who make a mistake on television.

CBS golf analyst and reporter Dottie Pepper made an error while interviewing Scott Brown during the finishing stages of the Zurich Classic last weekend. She mentioned that Brown had not yet been in a position to win on Tour, when in fact he won the 2013 Puerto Rico Open, an alternate-field event. The “trolls” of Twitter, as she put it, were unkind both in and following the moment. Check out the video of the beginning of the interview below.

Pepper would later correct her mistake, but the unforgiving battlefield that is Twitter drove her to delete her account. According to SBNation’s Emily Kay, Pepper says she was “tired of the idiots” that populate the social network and made it seem as though she might be gone for awhile.

“It is suspended by my own doing; can stay in that status for a year,” Pepper told SBNation. As Kay showed in her story, numerous players and media members from the golf world have discussed the wrath of social media users in the past year.