Helicopter crashes on Maryland course, killing one, injuring others

April 18, 2017

A Maryland golf course was the scene of a deadly helicopter crash Monday afternoon.

According to local reporting from NBCWashington.com, a military helicopter crashed on Breton Bay Golf and Country Club in Leonardtown, Maryland, about 60 miles southeast of Washington D.C. One of the crew members on board was killed, while the others each sustained serious injury.

According to the report, the crew was “conducting a routine training flight.” Multiple people who either work at the course or live in the neighborhood say they saw the helicopter flying surprisingly low to the ground.

“It started to spiral down, and it disappeared below the trees,” neighbor Bianca Melton told NBC Washington. “It looked like it had flipped over, upside-down, and then we heard a big explosion sound.”

An investigation of the crash is being carried out by the Army. Check out the full report here.