Donald Trump to appear in Golf Channel documentary about Jack Nicklaus

March 21, 2017

The Golden Bear has many admirers, but chief among them might be the current occupant of the Oval Office.

According to Deadline, President Donald Trump will appear in a new Golf Channel documentary called Jack about Jack Nicklaus’s life and career.

“He’s a man that’s led a truly exemplary life; his family, his work ethic, his championship status. He’s a very exceptional man,” Trump says of Nicklaus in the film, which will cover Nicklaus’s achievements on the course and contributions to the game.

Trump has had a contentious relationship with NBC, Golf Channel’s parent company, for some time now, including recent public scuffles over The Apprentice, which Trump hosted un he launched his presidential campaign, and SNL, which has frequently lampooned his administration.

“I made a fortune for NBC with The Apprentice,” Trump told FOX News’s Tucker Carlson last week. “I had a top show where they were doing horribly, and I had one of the most successful reality shows of all time. I made—and I was on 14 seasons. And you see what happened when I’m not on. You saw what happened to the show was a disaster. I was on—I was very good to NBC, and I—they are despicable.”

The special will air on April 9 following the Masters.