Vast majority of players think events should remain at Donald Trump courses

March 20, 2017

President Donald Trump holds some of the strongest ties to golf from the political world. His footing in the game is not only international; it ranks in the form of billions of dollars. Yet he’s also become one of the most controversial public figures in the world.

How does that align with professional golf, in which many events take place on Trump-owned courses? Well, if the professionals had it their way, those courses would continue to host some of the sport’s biggest events.

According to the Sports Illustrated/ anonymous player poll of 50 PGA Tour pros, 88% said the PGA Tour and USGA should not move their events from Trump courses. Just 4% said the organizations should move on, while 8% said they did not care.

Below are a few of the more passionate responses:

“They should stick with the best venue, period,” one pro said.

Another added: “I think it was appropriate to separate themselves from him during the election, but now that he’s president, they should only move events if he’s impeached or something.”

The Trump course question was just one of a number of survey questions posed to the pros. Check out the full survey here or take a portion of the survey below.