Masters 2017: Single day tickets, weekly badge prices

March 5, 2017

The 2017 Masters is rapidly approaching.Just a few tournaments remain in the run-up to the first major of the year. For those who want to catch the action live in person now is the time to get your tickets. The price tag is mighty stiff, though.

Weekly badges are currently priced at $11,500 on Stubhub, as of Sunday, with the competition round badges for Thursday through Sunday going for $6,850. According to the site, only 10 weekly badges are available for purchase.

You can find all ticket availability online here and listed below.

Weekly badge: $11,500

Thursday-Sunday badge: $6,850

Thursday-Friday badge: $3,888

Saturday-Sunday badge: $3,150

Sunday: $1,479

Saturday: $1,600

Friday: $1,650

Thursday: $1,950

Wednesday: $1,295

Tuesday: $615

Monday: $299