Tiffany Joh now cancer-free after melanoma diagnosis

February 9, 2017

Tiffany Joh, known best for her comedic abilities, bright persona and for spicing up the LPGA practice range with colorful onesies, is now cancer-free after a fight with melanoma earlier this year.

According to a Golfweek report, the 30-year-old had an irritation on her scalp that tested positive for melanoma. The spot was a nuisance for the better part of a year, but Joh didn’t pay much mind to it. It wasn’t until a friend, and fellow melanoma survivor, told her about her diagnoses while surfing during the offseason, and Joh started rubbing her scalp instinctively — wondering if her tendency to scratch it in stressful situations could mean more.

Joh said doctor’s were shocked with the diagnoses, given that melanoma isn’t prevalent in those of Asian descent. She had melanoma removed from her scalp, her skin stretched out and stapled back into place. Then Joh waited 10 days until the results — negative — came back.

Always the joker, Joh kept positive throughout the ordeal, even mocking her ancestry when she got the initial diagnoses.

”You know I’ve always suspected I had a little Caucasian in me,” she said. “I don’t turn red when I drink alcohol; I’m not lactose-intolerant; I’m surprisingly bad at math and decent at parking.”

But Joh is committed to getting back on the offensive — she’s surfing again and will make her 2017 debut at the Bank of Hope Founders Cup in Phoenix on March 16. She went public to spread the message for others to visit their dermatologists, comparing her outlook to a day on the course.


”Somewhere between that dark period spent deep in the throes of Google/WebMD searches and now, I started to think about how I would go about tackling a really difficult golf course,” Joh wrote on Instagram in January.

“I’d try to find humor in the crap situation, chip out into the fairway, and continue to stick to the game plan. Because ultimately, the most important shot isn’t the first one or the last one, it’s the one that’s right in front of you.”