Zach Johnson ‘Rather Watch Sports That Should Be in Olympics’ Instead of Golf

August 23, 2016

Zach Johnson is not one of those pros whose opinion of the Olympics was transformed by the spectacle of watching the event unfold in real time.

In fact, he said Monday that he didn’t even give Olympic golf a chance to win him over — he refused to watch it at all.

“I didn’t watch golf. I’d rather watch the sports that should be in the Olympics,” he said. “I’d rather watch the athletes who train for four years for that one week. I’d rather watch swimming and diving, track and field — the athletes that are relevant for one week. All of our (golf) athletes are relevant 24-7, 365. I just don’t see the need for golf to be in the Olympics.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Rory McIlroy had almost the exact opinion during this summer’s British Open.

Johnson was not happy with the way the Olympics affected the pros’ schedule this summer and said he might support Olympic golf if amateurs played and if the tournament existed in a team format. Otherwise, he’s out.

“To mess with the four tournaments that matter most (the majors) because you’re at the Olympics,” he said. “I’ve got a strong, strong disdain for that.”