Your Number Ones!

Your Number Ones!

HALLE-LUJAH! Twenty-two percent of you want to play with Berry.
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Golf Magazine commissioned the National Golf Foundation (NGF) to survey a national sample of 750 golfers. All respondents were male, 18 or older, and play eight or more rounds per year. The margin of error is +/- 3.6 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

Average age: 47
Average HHI: $102,020
Percentage who are married: 80
Average number of rounds played per year: 45
Average handicap: 15
Percentage who have a membership at a private club: 17%
Region of U.S. where they live: Northeast (13%); Midwest (22%); South (38%); West (27%)

If you could only play one more round of golf — on one of the following courses — which would you play?


Which of the following playing partners makes you most nervous?


If you could magically become one of the following, which would you choose?


Do you play as much golf as you want to?
No: 76%
Yes: 24%

If you could take an all-expenses-paid golf trip anywhere with your buddies, where would you most like to go?
Scotland: 35%
Ireland: 16%
Hawaii: 15%
Also receiving votes: Monterey, Calif., Bandon Dunes, Ore., Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Florida, Mexico/Caribbean.

Whose swing would you most like to steal?
Fred Couples: 67%
Tiger Woods: 10%
Phil Mickelson: 8%
Other: 15%

What most irks you regarding course conditions?


Which statement best describes your attitude toward fellow golfers using smartphones (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) on the course?
Use them If you must, but be discreet: 61%
Leave them in the car. They don't belong on the course, period: 33%
Golfers should be allowed to talk and e-mail as much as they want: 6%

What would you say is the most egregious breach of etiquette?
Talking as your opponent is swinging: 45%
Constantly using a cell phone on the course: 33%
Walking through your opponent's putting line: 9%
Cursing loudly after a poor shot: 8%
Wearing jeans or other inappropriate attire to the course: 5%

What's your favorite way to get around the course?


Which shot delivers the most satisfaction?
Sticking a wedge close: 41%
Dropping a clutch 5-foot putt: 21%
Chipping it a few inches from the pin: 17%
A monster drive down the middle: 15%
Hitting a long bunker shot to tap-in range: 6%

Which shot most frustrates you?
Yanking a 3-foot birdie try: 42%
Leaving a bunker shot in the sand: 29%
A shank off the first tee: 15%
Topping a shot into a water hazard: 13%
Swing… and a miss! 1%

Before a round, which do you most like to do?


In a typical round with your buddies, which putt do you consider an acceptable gimme?
Within 2 feet: 29%
Within a foot: 26%
It depends on who my playing partners are: 21%
There is no such thing as an "acceptable" gimme: 16%
Within 3 feet: 8%

What's Your Favorite Club in your bag?
A wedge: 21%
Driver: 19%
A short iron (8-9 Iron): 16%
A mid iron (5-7 Iron): 14%
Putter: 13%
Hybrid: 10%
A fairway wood: 7%
You Said It: 'Three things I love in life: my wife, a good steak and my pitching wedge.'
—James R., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

How many times do you 'bend the rules' in a typical round (mulligans, improving your lie, etc.)?


Who is your favorite TV analyst?
Nick Faldo (CBS/Golf Channel): 40%
Johnny Miller (NBC): 34%
Brandel Chamblee (Golf Channel): 11%
Give someone else a shot: 15%

Who is most likely to make you reach for the mute button?
Johnny Miller: 31%
Kelly Tilghman: 16%
Ian Baker-Finch: 15%
Gary McCord: 10%
Also receiving votes: Peter Kostis, Jim Nantz

Which of the following rules would you most like to repeal?


What's the most likely reason you'd buy a new driver?
Your current driver is inferior to new drivers out there: 50%
A new driver might give you a mental or emotional boost: 23%
Other: 12%
You see it for sale and buy it on impulse: 10%
A friend recommended it: 4%
You've seen a Tour pro play or endorse it: 1%

Which of the following is your biggest on-course fear?


What hole at a regular Tour stop do you most enjoy watching the pros play?
17th at Sawgrass: 40%
12th at Augusta: 29%
(tie) 7th at Pebble Beach, 16th at TPC Scottdale: 7%
Also receiving votes: 18th at Doral
You Said It: 'I love watching the pros rinse their tee shots under pressure. Does that make me a bad person?'
— Ralph S., Topeka, Kan.

Which player would you most like to see miss a 3-footer to win a major?


Which celebrity golfer would you most like to tee it up with?
Bill Murray: 37%
Halle Berry: 22%
George Lopez: 13%
Samuel L. Jackson: 9%
Also receiving votes: Alice Cooper, Larry David, Michael Douglas, Hugh Grant.

Have you seen Caddyshack?
Yes: 99%
No: 1%

Which major did you most enjoy watching?


Do you think President Obama plays too much golf?
No: 51%
Yes: 13%
Not Sure: 36%
You Said It: 'Too much golf? Is there such a thing?'
— Eric D., Austin, Tex.

Which senior player would you most like to see win another major?


Which pro golfer would you most like to play with?
Arnold Palmer: 24%
Phil Mickelson: 21%
Jack Nicklaus: 20%
Also receiving votes: Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, John Daly
The King's No. 1 Rule
'I'm absolutely flattered,' Arnold Palmer tells Golf Magazine of being voted the golfer you'd most like to tee it up with. The secret to his popularity? 'I think it's because I enjoy people. I talk to them. My No. 1 rule for a friendly round of golf: Make sure my playing partners enjoy their game. I offer tips. I compliment good shots. It's important to let people know you enjoy their game as well as yours. And then we go enjoy it a little more at the 19th hole.'

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