Your ideas for the FedEx Cup

Your ideas for the FedEx Cup

Earlier this week we asked our readers to submit their ideas on how to improve the FedEx Cup. We got a huge response with ideas ranging from making the FedEx Cup match play to firing Tim Finchem and replacing him with Bill Murray. Here are some of the major themes we took from the posts.

1. We want match play and we want it now! Many said the FedEx Cup doesn’t feel like a real playoff, even though the fields are smaller for each of the four events. To make it feel more like a playoff, many wanted the FedEx Cup to switch to match play.

“I like the idea of a tighter/faster elimination,” said O Man. “Take the top 125 on the Money List (those coming back next year), for the first tourney, and then scale down to 30 for East Lake. I like the match play for the final. THAT is a playoff!”

Another reader, Ed in Boston, agreed: “Use the year-long FedEx points to create the seedings and then play a match-play tournament over the four weeks. Two losses in match play and you are out of the tournament. I know match play isn’t the best for TV, but this is closer to a true playoff system.”

2. Give them a break. Many people backed players such as Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods who have said the FedEx Cup comes at a bad time in the schedule. Currently, the FedEx Cup starts a week after the PGA Championship, and it ends with only a week between either the Presidents Cup or the Ryder Cup.

“Start the FedEx Cup in October and play for four weeks straight,” said Darren. “After the PGA tournament, let the PGA go into hibernation for six weeks and come back. Golfers will be refreshed, their kids will be back in school, and the public will be jonesing for golf after not having it on TV for six weeks.”

3. I’ve got a better idea. We also had readers who wanted the FedEx Cup format completely redone. Here are a few interesting ideas:

Peter: “Let’s seed the field and create four ‘playoff brackets,’ with the top four players headlining each bracket. Only one bracket would play each of the first four weeks, and the top 10 from each bracket would be able to play in a fifth tournament to decide the champion.”

Jimminy Cricket: “How about involving charity (remember charity? — the PGA Tour likes to brag that it is basically just a conduit for charity). Keep the prize ten million but half goes to the winner in cash, the other half to his designated charity. This way, maybe players will stop whining about deferred millions (give me a break) and not skip tournaments when they have a chance to help sick children.”

Erik in WI: “Barclays, Deutsche, BMW, and Tour Championship are played and lowest total combined score at the end of the four events wins it all. ‘Every round matters’ — there’s the tag line. This allows for a bad day or two, which match play does not permit. If you skip an event you are out. Best player over four weeks is the winner, a.k.a. the fifth major.”

4. Scrap it! There were many people who wanted the FedEx Cup eliminated.

“Point system is confusing for fans, repeated TV graphic of players’ positions on Saturday and Sunday with the comment ‘if play were to stop right now’ does not make for exciting sports commentary, and ‘playoff’ is a misnomer since optional participation is allowed,” said Mark. “By all accounts, a failed experiment.”

Eric Sink said: “The best way to fix the FedEx cup is to cancel it. I think it was a silly idea right from the start. The biggest events in golf are the four majors. To pretend otherwise is, well, pretending.”

5. Pay the man. The easiest solution came from Glen: “Just pay Tiger and it’s done.”

Thanks for all of the great responses. Let us know what you think of the suggestions by clicking here.

Two of our experts, Peter Kostis and Gary Van Sickle, also wrote about the changes they would make to the FedEx Cup.

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