You don't say: Memorable quotes from the 2011 Open Championship

You don’t say: Memorable quotes from the 2011 Open Championship

Darren Clarke won the Open Championship for his first career major title.
Robert Beck/SI

“I’m on Weight Watchers tomorrow morning so I’m going to eat and drink as much as I want tonight. This could be a bad week for me to start. Every time there’s five points in a pint of Guness, it’s a real bad week for me to start.” —Darren Clarke

“It may be the only major that I win, it may not be the only major that I win. But at least I did my best today and my best was good enough to win. I can’t ask my two boys for any more so I think their dad should try to do the same.” —Darren Clarke

“The putt at 11 was just a stupid mistake. It was just a dumb mental error.” —Phil Mickelson

“If I had it to do over again, I’d hit a 3-wood instead of a 2-iron.” —Dustin Johnson

“It was playing stupidly difficult today. Even if they moved some tees up, some holes were just a joke. In a way, it’s fun. You can’t pretend that the weather all of a sudden is going to be nice. It’s great fun when par is a miracle sometimes.” —Edoardo Molinari

“It was just so tough on every hole. It was like going 18 holes with the heavyweight champion of the world.” —Trevor Immelman

“It’s not an easy surname. It’s probably more annoying when they say, ‘I’ve been practicing it for a month,’ and they still get it completely wrong.” —Louis Oosthuizen, 2010 Open champion

“Um, three… four… five.” —Rory McIlroy, on how many hangovers he’s had since he won the U.S. Open

“It never rains in England. Only in Scotland.” —Lee Westwood

“Yeah, I’m getting recognized a little bit more. It’s quite hard to stay anonymous these days. It’s not a bad thing.” —McILroy

“In October, I was playing at Wentworth, and since we were close, we called and asked if we could walk around, and it was no problem. … We just walked the grounds, didn’t play or anything. We didn’t walk all of the holes because it was really cold and windy—imagine that. I remember we were on the second hole, down in one of the bunkers just to stay warm, we were so cold. There were no grandstands. I didn’t realize there were all these fields behind where we are now. Without the grandstands, you get a different perspective. You get a real sense of what links golf is all about when you see it in that way.” —Ben Curtis, 2003 Open champion, on returning to Royal St. George’s

“A lot of people have asked me about the 2003 Open. It’s in the past. That was my biggest chance to win a major championship. People can do whatever they want, write you off, but you try to make the best of every single day, and that’s what I’ve done. I don’t, at the moment, play the golf that I used to, but I did today. I’m 40 years old; there might just be a little bit more in me.” —Thomas Bjorn, who had a three-shot lead with four holes to play in 2003 but lost

“He charged me a lot of money, so I can’t tell you that.” —Darren Clarke, on the advice he’s gotten from sports psychologist Bob Rotella

“His looks like a map of Hawaii, though.” —Lucas Glover, on Kyle Stanley’s beard

“The tribute to Seve here is very nice because we miss him, and he make so much for golf all through his life, and we have to thank him for what he do for golf, no? But I’ve already said that. This is the third interview today and the third time I’m going to answer the same question, you know? We all miss Seve, …but now I think is a moment also to start to concentrate on the golf tournament and keep moving on, you know?” —Miguel Angel Jimenez of Spain, on the tributes at Royal St. Georges to Seve Ballesteros

“Tom Lewis, how about that? He could be my grandson.” —Tom Watson, five-time Open champ, on English amateur Tom Lewis, his playing partner on Thursday and Friday

“I introduced myself to Tom Watson on Tuesday. I saw him doing a few interviews on the 18th, and I thought it was good to introduce myself before the first tee on Thursday because I would have been more nervous than I already was. He put his arm around me and asked me how old I was. He was just a really nice guy.” —Lewis

“It was ironic, this morning I was watching Padraig Harrington and Colin Montgomerie discussing the Open venues, and what do they show? They show Gene Sarazen on the Postage Stamp making his hole-in-one with a 5-iron. Maybe that’s what inspired me today. That’s the second hole-in-one I’ve had in a major championship. I had one at the U.S. Open in 1980 at Baltusrol on the fourth hole in the first round. Maybe it was bookends.” —Watson, who had an ace on No. 6 on Friday

“It was excellent. We didn’t see it but we heard the crowd. When the crowd screams like that, you know it’s in the hole. It was great.” —Lewis

“It’s really remarkable and makes me wonder, where was he all those years? He won a dozen or so of these things, then he comes back on the scene the year he and I had the playoff. I don’t know what happened in between. It seems like he’s just getting better with age.” —Cink, the 2009 champ, who defeated Watson in a playoff

“If we had weather like we had this morning the entire tournament, I don’t know who’s going to beat Tom Watson. He hits the ball so solid, he plays links golf, he hits a low, penetrating, running shot so well and controls his distance through his trajectory, it’s really impressive to watch. He was behind me the first couple days, and I’d watch him hit approach shots because he just knows how to do it.” —Phil Mickelson

“On No. 8 playing with Jason Day, our backs were to the weather because it was coming straight into us. We were talking to the fans and we mentioned, ‘Why are y’all out here? Why aren’t you watching on TV?’ They love the sport that much that they’re out there cheering us on.” —Bubba Watson

“The rain was coming down really hard. Yeah, there was a moment where me and Bubba looked at each other and started laughing.” —Day

“I was bemoaning my draw early this morning. I saw the guys finish up last night, and it was flat calm, and I woke up this morning and the sun was shining and I was like, nice draw. But you can’t do anything about it. You’ve just got to do the best you can with what you have.” —McIlroy

“This week has been full of tough conditions, but today, I’ve only seen this one time in my life, a tougher day, and that was in Muirfield at 2002, but this was almost indescribable how hard it was to play golf out there.” —Cink

“The conditions at Muirfield in ’02 were much worse than this. The worst I’ve ever played in the Open Championship was at Muirfield in ’80, the first round. Lee Trevino and I shot 68 the first round and led the field by eight or something like that. We both played lights-out.” —Watson

“If I had the option, I’d rather be warm.” —Stephen Gallacher

“Obviously, if somebody had given me 69 before I was going out to play, I would have bitten their hand off for it.” —Clarke, who shot 69 on Saturday

“I said to the crowd at the 15th, there were 40 or 50 walking around, ‘You’re just mental. Just mental.’ I don’t understand that at all. I’m getting paid, I’ve got to be there.” —Paul Lawrie

“One of my good friends said before I left, ‘I know you’re not going to want to play in it, but I hope it’s pissing rain and blowing on you over there.’ So he got his wish today. He’s back in Indiana right now laughing at me. It’s just part of the deal, I guess.” —Bo Van Pelt

“Somebody whistled at me when I was bending over stretching on the first tee. I said, I hope that was a lady. He whistled again, the same guy. I’m doing something all wrong.” —Clarke

“My mom is my new golf psychologist because she just tells me to be happy, and it’s hard to do when you’re shooting 73s and 74s. But if I listen to her, things usually go okay.” —Anthony Kim

“After the first round this week, I thought of possibly turning pro and being a millionaire. But that’s not going to happen.” —Lewis

“You’ve done so well for 13 holes to keep yourself in it. You’ve got half of Kent on your left, and you hit it right. It was a tough one to take.” —McIlroy, on driving it out of bounds at No. 14

“If Darren were to do it this weekend, yeah, I think we’d have an influx of golfers moving to Northern Ireland. It’s pretty massive odds… I’ll be watching with interest, shall we say, and wish him all the best. I wish I was there tussling myself.” —Graeme McDowell, who missed the cut at Royal St. George’s

“Everybody says that I play better fat, so I’ve obviously been adhering to that theory.” —Clarke