World’s Fastest Golf Cart Sets Speed Record at Nearly 120 MPH [Video]

November 4, 2014

A team from Plum Quick Motors claims to have reset their own Guinness World Record mark for "Fastest Golf Cart" at the Darlington Dragway in South Carolina on Friday.

The Plum Quick-designed cart reached a speed of 118.76 mph, annihilating their previous record of 103.65 mph.

Founded in 1981 by Carson Steen and his two sons, Rick and Robby, Plum Quick Motors is a Fort Mills, S.C.-based company that produces "high performance golf cart motors for a variety of applications," including golfing, hunting and racing.

The Steens began drag racing golf carts in 2008 as a way to test products and promote the Plum Quick brand, but it wasn't until 2013 that they petitioned Guinness to open a "Fastest Golf Cart" category. They set an initial mark at 103.65 mph in October 2013 and have been working to beat it since.

"It was a very wild ride, right on the edge of being a very bad day," wrote Robby, 52, who piloted the cart on its record-setting drive, in an email to "Prayed a lot and the good Lord let me walk away safe."

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