Wisconsin Man Charged With Allegedly Stealing Omega Clock from PGA

August 20, 2015

After allegedly attempting to steal an Omega clock from Whistling Straits during the PGA Championship, Hugo Nguyen, 24, has been charged with one count of theft.

Nguyen was reportedly stopped by a state trooper on Saturday and had “a large Omega clock as he was exiting the golf course,” according to a criminal complaint sourced by a local Fox affiliate. Nguyen told the trooper that he won the clock in “a putt challenge,” which apparently was a good enough excuse for the trooper—at least for the time being. The cop alerted security and Nguyen never made it farther than a half mile from the course before being stopped.

Omega is one of the PGA of America’s largest sponsors, and large Omega clocks can be found scattered around host sites of the organization’s events. The clock that Nguyen allegedly stole is worth $8,000 and is made of chrome and metal. An Omega official said the clock, “was unable to be stolen except if someone has rattled the clock until a pin came undone which allowed them to take the clock.”

The alleged culprit could face up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines, if convicted.

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