Van Cynical Mailbag: Will top pros play Fall Series, and will Stricker really skip a chance to win $10 million?

Steve Stricker had indicated that he may skip the Tour Championship to go bow hunting in Wisconsin.
Carlos M. Saavedra / Sports Illustrated

No PGA Tour golf last weekend? What's there to do if you're not in fantasy football except field questions from the Van Cynical Mailbag. Let's go:

Van Cynical, Lacking another option in Chicago (never again at Olympia Fields!), assess the chances of Conway Farms for a USGA event. — Arnold Layne via Twitter
Conway Farms, not actually named after Tim Conway, could definitely host a USGA event — and it has: the 1998 U.S. Junior Amateur and the 2012 U.S. Mid-Amateur. But a U.S. Open? No way. There is not nearly enough room at the venue, for spectators or corporate tents. Fans may even feel cramped during the BMW Championship this week. Cog Hill has a better shot at an Open, but with spacious Erin Hills in nearby Milwaukee landing the 2017 Open, I don't see Cog Hill getting the nod, either. Wouldn't be surprised if Milwaukee replaces Chicago as the USGA's go-to Midwestern site, along with Oakmont, Pa.

Vans, Will top 20 players turn out for the PGA Tour's new season (former fall season) events now that they award FedEx points for 2014? — Howard Riefs via Twitter
It's doubtful. You might get two or three turning up to an event that's convenient for them, but after the July-September crunch that includes the FedEx Cup, and with a couple of overseas possibilities that offer appearance money, I don't see it happening. But if even one A-lister plays one B-list event, that's an improvement. It'll be interesting to see.

Will the @RBCCanadianOpen ever get moved to a better spot in the schedule? The week after the British Open is brutal. — Kristopher Barrier via Twitter
Tournaments don't improve their scheduling on the PGA Tour unless they "buy" a better date. And let's face it, because of the FedEx Cup run starting in August, there are no good dates left in June or July. Wells Fargo locked up the week before The Players. Maybe RBC could up the ante and bump Memphis out of the week before the U.S. Open. But still, some top players don't want to play the week before a major. With tour pros forced to play Bridgestone and the PGA Championship back to back, followed by a week off and then four weeks out of five in the FedEx Cup series, June and July now loom as necessary downtime to endure the big finish.

Gary, Shall we play a game? — David Collins via Twitter
So good to hear you again Professor Falken. Joshua missed you. How about Global Thermonuclear Warfare?

Vans, Please tell me what has been your favorite thing that has happened this season? Mine is "Dufnering." It still cracks me up. — Derek Lewis via Twitter
Although it was short-lived, I, too, enjoyed Dufnering — his Slouch Seen 'Round the World made for the second-best photo of the year. But I'll see your Dufnering and raise you Adam Scott's Masters win. It was a nice monkey off his back after last year's British Open collapse and a nice win for all of Australia after all Greg Norman's near-misses. And that angelic photo of Scott posing in the rain with camera flashes firing was awfully cool. I use it as my laptop wallpaper when I need inspiration.

Van Cynical, Will Steve Stricker really skip the Tour Championship to go bow hunting even if he's top five on the FedEx Cup points list? — MDA via Twitter
Let's weigh the options: A shot at $10 million or bow-hunting season? Hmm. It's probably a tougher call than we think but really, how many more times will a part-timer like Stricker, who played a reduced schedule in 2013, make the top five in the FedEx Cup final? I think he'd have to go to Atlanta. He's got bow hunting to look forward to for the next 30 years. Still … he really, really enjoys hunting Bucky in the woods, and what's another $10 million that he'll never spend? Plus, you still get $500,000 for finishing 10th on the final points list. Pretty good consolation.

Vans, what would you do with $10 million if you won the FedEx Cup? — Kirby via email
Pay taxes. Gladly.