Will Rory or Tiger dominate in 2013?

McIlroy and Woods won a combined seven times on Tour in 2012.
Warren Little/Getty Images

MCILROY WILL OWN 2013 — Ricky Barnes, 2002 U.S. Amateur winner
Rory. He's younger, and I like his wins this year. When he gets going, it's at the point now where Rory is able to separate himself more when he's playing well. And Tiger's ballstriking is not where it needs to be, where he can separate himself. You can see that the short game and the wedges are coming back, but as infrequently as he plays I think it's harder for him to get into that groove going into the majors. Tiger's got some injuries, he's not getting any younger, and he's kind of chasing it, while Rory looks fit, athletic and ready to go, has two majors and is on the way up. Plus, Tiger's always under the microscope, and I think Rory can kind of fly by until he gets to five, six or seven majors.

TIGER'S BACK ON TOP — Johnson Wagner, three-time PGA Tour winner
I think Tiger will. I think Tiger's going to win two majors next year. He's the best who's ever played the game, he got a taste of winning again this year, and he's got the desire. I think he's going to destroy Jack's record, but if he doesn't get on it next year, then it's getting a little late in the game. So I'm calling two majors for him next year, and one for me. You think that's funny? I'm winning the Masters. And Tiger — he's going to beat me in a playoff at the U.S. Open at Merion, which is gonna suck, and he's going to win the PGA at Oak Hill. The British is kind of up for grabs. Muirfield is one of those courses that sets up well for whoever happens to be playing well that week. It doesn't really favor anyone.