Will Power!

Will Power!


Hollywood’s hottest star Will Ferrell gave Golf.com exclusive access as he joined his frat buddies for a round of golf to promote a tournament benefiting his pal’s cancer charity. The Blades of Glory star talks about everything from how Phil Mickelson needs to do some bench presses to his plan to dethrone Tiger Woods, and even reveals the secret to his long, steroid-fuelled drives! Check back every day for a new video of Will unplugged and uncensored.

Day 9: Will Ferrell Gambles Charity Money
To raise awareness and money for his favorite charity, Cancer for College, Will Ferrell and his frat buddies hit the links at Arroyo Trabuco Golf club in California. And this time, Ferrell’s not going to gamble all the money away! Watch the Video!

Day 8: Will Ferrell Plays for Charity
Joining his frat brothers, comedian Will Ferrell hit the links to help raise money and awareness for charity, Cancer for College. Watch the Video!

Day 7: Will Ferrell Challenges Tiger Woods
Comedian Will Ferrell has a plan to catapault himself past Tiger Woods in the World Golf Rankings. He explains his plot in this humorous video. Watch the Video!

Day 6: Will Ferrell’s Power Tip
Funnyman Will Ferrell knows how to smack the ball off the tee. And best of all, he’s willing to share his secret to long drives with you in this hysterical video. Watch the Video!

Day 5: Will Ferrell—I’m joining the PGA Tour
Comedian Will Ferrell announces his intentions to retire from acting and join the PGA Tour. Hear how the man behind Talladega Nights and The Anchor Man plans to become the best golfer in then world. Watch the Video!

Day 4: Will Ferrell’s U.S. Open Pick
Will Ferrell knows plenty about golf and thinks there is a crafty verteran who may have what it takes to surprise Tiger Woods and win the 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont. Watch the Video!

Day 3: I hit the greatest shot in golf history
Like the rest of us, Will Ferrell has hit some good shots in his day, but none will compare to the incredible trouble shot he pulled off, illegally, back when he was a teen. Watch the Video!

Day 2: What I love about golf
So what is the strength of Will Ferrell’s game, what does he think about golf fashion and what’s his take on the whole ‘Are golfers athletes’ question? This video has the answers. Watch the Video!

Day 1: Say hello to my $30,000 club
In his first video on GOLF.com, Ferrell reveals which club in his bag gives him the most trouble, what a caddy at Oakland Hills said about his trusty 4-wood and why he throws up in bushes before every round. Watch the Video!

Why I’m doing this
Ferrell gets a lot of requests to help charities raise money and awareness about their causes. But with a friend who has survived two fights with cancer, he explains that it’s an honor to be associated with Cancer for College. Watch the Video!

Extra! Extra!
How YOU can appear in a Will Ferrell movie

Are you ready for your close up? Tickets are still available to play in the 15th annual Cancer for College golf tournament, Sept. 28, at Temecula Creek Inn Golf Course, in Temecula, California, which Will Ferrell will attend. All proceeds go to his favorite charity, Cancer for College, which helps cancer survivors pay for higher education. This year’s event will include an auction, in which one lucky attendee—maybe you—will win a slot as an extra in an upcoming Will Ferrell movie. For more information, or to donate to the charity, go to cancerforcollege.org, or call 760-510-9571.

For a chance to meet Will Ferrell and play in the 17th Annual Cancer for College Golf Classic, enter the sweepstakes at Golf.com/will.