This week's heroes? Mahan's daughter, Inbee and Sneds. Zeros? Langer, D.J. and Elkington

This week’s heroes? Mahan’s daughter, Inbee and Sneds. Zeros? Langer, D.J. and Elkington

Inbee Park will chase her fourth straight major title this week at St. Andrews.
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1. Zoe Olivia Mahan. I still think Abbey woulda been a cool middle name — after Glenn Abbey — but Hunter's baby girl is now the most celebrated golf offspring since Amanda Mickelson arrived circa the 1999 U.S. Open. Kudos to dad, too, for making it home in time for the blessed event. Two rules to live by: you don't leave an eagle putt short and you never, ever miss the birth of your first child.

2. Inbee Park. Take a moment out of your week to ruminate on what this amazing young lass is doing. And now we get to watch her for four days with the Old Course alighting our high-def TVs. Remember, it's never too late to jump on the bandwagon.

3. Sneds. Nice to see this smiling assassin is back on his game after injuries slowed his roll. He's now my co-favorite at Oak Hill, along with the champion golfer of the year.

4. Karrie Webb. Thanks to one of the best swings of the last quarter-century, male or female, this Hall of Famer keeps rolling up victories, the latest coming on Sunday in England thanks to a pair of final round eagles. And more than any other player has, male or female, she perfectly articulated the absurdity of all-male club holding golf's most important events: "If you are going to hold a public event, take money from the public and from public companies, it is pretty hard to say that only a certain kind of person is allowed to be a member here. I would have no problem with Muirfield saying: 'We are a great links course and a private men's club', and just never holding the Open Championship there."

5. Golf. Apparently Michael Phelps sustained a stress fracture in his foot while on the course. See, if you can break a bone, then golf is definitely a sport!


1. Bernie Langer. Not only did he screw up the Senior British in epic fashion — doubling the final hole when a mere bogey would have given him the victory — he had to sleep on the cock-up when darkness halted the ensuing playoff. Of course he lost to Mark Wiebe when sudden death began again on Monday morning. So now we finally know what it takes to crack Langer's famous Teutonic resiliency.

2. Dustin. Golf's ultimate bro had a piece of the lead until a ghastly triple bogey on the 71st hole. At 29 he has seven career victories, which is pretty darn good. But just imagine if he applied himself!

3. Steve Elkington. Golf's most abrasive loudmouth went on a Twitter rant that was inspired by the scrappy host city of the Senior Open, Southport, England. The disappointing thing was his insincere apology that followed. Hey Elk, if you wanna be a jerk, you gotta own it.

4. Gary Player. He's the latest to blame the tennis babe Caroline Wozniacki for Rory McIlroy's woes. Wait, I'm confused. Wasn't there much hand-wringing that Tiger's travails were the result of living in a bubble; now we're bashing Rory for having fun and living life as a semi-normal person? Maybe Player should keep his clothes on and his mouth shut.

5. 59. Russell Knox was the latest to post golf's formerly magic number … and he didn't even crack the top 10 at his event. In this era of advanced technology 59 is the new 61.

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