We Predict What Celebrities Would Shoot On Top 100 Courses

September 10, 2015
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GOLF.com just unveiled the Top 100 Courses score predictor, and what better way to break it in by computing what celebrities would shoot on some of the best courses in the world?

Could Justin Timberlake dominate at Pebble Beach? What would Barack Obama card if he were to play Augusta National? Could Charles Barkley break 100 at the site of next year’s U.S. Open? (Spoiler: no). The answers are below. If you want to try out the Score Predictor for yourself, click here and you’ll have your personalized results at any Top 100 Course in seconds. 

In the Score Predictor, you can enter in your handicap and rate your skill on a scale on 1-10 in five categories: Driving ability, putting acumen, iron play, weather adaptability and mental toughness. Given those results, your score for any of our Top 100 courses will be revealed.

Charles Barkley at Oakmont (No. 8 in the World and 2016 U.S. Open Venue)


Barkley’s swing is…interesting. For driving skills, we had to give him a low score. But he was a NBA all-star, so he graded well in the mental toughness category. Coupled with his 20 handicap, Barkley would shoot a 109 at Oakmont Country Club.

Justin Timberlake at Pebble Beach (No. 7 in the World)


Justin Timberlake has the lowest handicap of this group at 4.8 and ranks highly across the board, with his highest ranked category being a 9 he received for his putting acumen. JT would give Pebble Beach a run for its money, but would fail to break 80. 

Barack Obama at Augusta National (No. 4 in the World)


Barack Obama has played more golf in his time in office than most people will play in a lifetime, but he still can’t get his handicap down past a reported 18. He did grade out with a 10 in the mental toughness category, since he has been commander-in-chief for seven years and all. It was enough to break 100 at the famed Masters venue, as the Score Calculator predicted Obama would card a 98.

Bill Murray at St. Andrews (No. 3 in the World)


Given his 12 handicap and a solid rating across the board, Bill Murray would shoot a respectable score at the Home of Golf with a predicted round of 87 at St. Andrews Old Course.

Condoleezza Rice at Bandon Dunes (No. 64 in the World)


If Condoleezza Rice were to make the trek to Bandon Dunes, she wouldn’t be disappointed in her round. A 14 handicap and perfect marks in the weather adaptability and mental toughness categories overrides any other deficiencies in her game. At the original course in Bandon, Oregon, Rice would walk away with a round of 90.

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