Rory McIlroy Accidentally Holes Long Putt at Oakmont

Rory McIlroy Accidentally Holes Long Putt at Oakmont

Rory McIlroy accidentally holes 80-foot putt during U.S. Open practice round.
Screengrab, Golf Channel

By now you are probably well aware that Oakmont’s greens are not easy; they’re mean, fast and full of undulations.

But they can still be rewarding. 

Rory McIlroy was kind enough to demonstrate just how slick the greens are by accidently holing about an 80-foot putt on Tuesday. McIlroy was out for a practice round and was putting to a potential hole location for later in the week by hitting his ball up a hill and letting it come back to the imaginary hole.

What happens next is absolutely insane.

McIlroy’s ball hits the hole he is aiming for, but doesn’t stop there. The ball continues to roll. McIlroy’s caddie, J.P. Fitzgerald, is about to stop the ball when he is asked to let it roll on. About three turns and 25-feet later the ball finds its way all the way into the actual hole.  It’s the longest putt the world No. 3 never meant to make.

Video of the putt can be seen below.