Walter Hagen career achievements and major championship wins

August 5, 2009

The Haig, they called him — an honorific that suited the first great American touring professional. When country-club members informed Walter Hagen that he and his fellow pros weren’t welcome in the clubhouses inhabited by their social superiors, “Sir Walter” rolled up in a Rolls-Royce, sipping champagne. According to Sarazen, “It was Walter who made professional golf what it is.” Hagen won 45 PGA Tour events and 11 majors, played for the U.S. in the first five Ryder Cup matches and captained the U.S. team in the first six.

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Sir Walter
Ron Fimrite wrote for SI in 1989: In consumate skill and high living, no one could match the flamboyant Walter Hagen, who changed the rich-man image of golf while courting the company of princes. Read the Article

Walter Hagen’s Major Championships

1914 U.S. Open: Hagen wins his first U.S. Open

1919 U.S. Open: Hagen wins his second U.S. Open

1922 British Open: Hagen leads the American invasion

1924 British Open: Hagen Catches Whitcombe at the 18th Hole

1928 British Open: Hagen’s Royal St George’s double

1929 British Open: Hagen emphasises American domination

1921 PGA Championship: The reign of The Haig begins

1924 PGA Championship: One last chance for Long Jim

1925 PGA Championship: The Haig continues his dominance

1926 PGA Championship: Three in a row for Hagen

1927 PGA Championship: ‘Pick It Up’