US Open 2015: Tour Pro Sounds Off on Chambers Bay

June 16, 2015

Canadian journeyman pro golfer Brad Fritsch is in the field at Chambers Bay this week for the U.S. Open, and after getting some time to play the course, Fritsch took to Twitter with some interesting and thoughtful opinions about this year’s controversial host course.

Among the more interesting tidbits, Fritsch dedicated three tweets to the state of the fescue greens at Chambers, saying “If you like the color green on golf courses, this might not be the place for you.” He continued saying “The greens have the worst-conditioned look I’ve ever seen in a professional golf event. But the greens roll fine. You have to get over the look of them, and believe it will roll true. Because for the most part, it will.”

The biggest point of concern for Fritsch? The difficulty players and spectators alike will have navigating the rolling artificial dunes: “The walk for the players is tough. For the spectators? I can’t fathom how my parents are going to be able to follow me. Huge issue IMO.”

You can read all of Fritsch’s tweets about Chambers Bay below.

Fritsch—who qualified for the Open last week at the Columbus, Ohio, sectional qualifier held at Brookside Golf & Country Club and The Lakes Golf & Country Club—is making only his second appearance in the U.S. Open.

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