Trump Golf Being Sued By Members at Trump National Jupiter

Trump Golf Being Sued By Members at Trump National Jupiter


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has drawn newfound attention to his golf brand, in ways both good and bad. It led one New York Times reporter into taking a deep dive on the happenings at Trump National Jupiter.

What he found was unhappy members due to Trump as an owner. Some of them have acted upon it, one of them gaining class-action status for Trump’s alleged dismissal of membership categories at the resort. The details of this were compiled into a single, reported column from Joe Nocera of the Times.

Upon purchasing what is now Trump National Jupiter, Trump coerced members out of their once-promised refundable deposits, in which case the damage was commonly six figures.

Trump purchased the golf resort for $5 million, knowing the refundable deposits would be assumed debt as part of the transaction. Once he took over, though, according to the report, Trump essentially forced members into giving up their deposits, creating a settlement or leaving entirely.

Those settlements, as Nocera reports, typically came at half their original worth. You can find the entire article here.