Tiger’s impressive check swing

April 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — The most impressive swing Tiger Woods makes this week could end up being the one that didn't make the ball go an inch.

Fully loaded and getting ready to hit his tee shot on the par-5 13th hole Friday, Woods was suddenly distracted by the shadow of a bird that flew directly over his ball.

Somehow, he was able to stop the swing before he made contact - practically impossible for a guy who makes contact at something approaching 130 mph.

"I felt like I broke my back, my wrist, my neck, my legs," Woods said. "I don't know how those baseball players do it, that check swing. I don't know how they do it, but I tried to check it and did somehow."

He said it felt like the club was going to snap because when he stopped the swing so abruptly, physics dictated that the head of the club was still moving after he had stopped the shaft.

His playing partner, Paul Casey, said Tiger's quick stop was as impressive a feat as he's seen.

"Of all the things I've seen him do, unbelievable," Casey said. "He was fully loaded on the way down and managed to stop himself, which was pretty impressive. I don't know how he didn't break something."