Tiger Woods Wants to Play More Golf with Retired Peyton Manning

March 7, 2016

Tiger Woods had a few thoughts to add to the public response to quarterback Peyton Manning’s retirement announcement Monday. Woods took to Twitter to share his admiration for the former Broncos and Colts star and also looks like he has some tentative plans for the two of them to play more golf in the future.

“It was an honor to watch #18 for all these years. He revolutionized the position,” Woods tweeted.

Woods and Manning have played golf together before. In a round with Woods after his first season with the Broncos, Manning ribbed the 14-time major winner for his drop in the Official World Golf Ranking to number two, behind then-number-one Rory McIlroy.

Beyond looking forward to more on-course trash talking, Woods is also happy with what the prospect of a Manning-less Bronocos team will mean for his favorite squad, the Raiders.