Tiger Woods’ Swing, Analyzed by the Best Instructors in the World

February 26, 2016
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Tiger Woods took a swing, and the golf world erupted.

Woods’ indoor swing on his simulator – captured on video and tweeted, Instagramed and Facebooked to the masses – was captioned as “progressing nicely.” We wanted to know how nicely.

In proper accord, we pegged some actual experts to break down what we’re seeing from Woods. We enlisted a group of GOLF’s Top 100 teachers to analyze his swing. Here’s the swing, followed by responses from the greatest golf teachers in the world:

The first is Hank Haney, a Top 100 teacher that broke down Woods’ swing on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio: “I don’t know if he’s hitting balls now. He hit a ball. We know that. That was one 9-iron. His hips looked like they were pretty locked up and his arm went across his chest which is kind of what you see when somebody is a little hesitant to turn. He had a free turn through the ball which was good. That’s a little bit easier because you release your back foot when you do that and it’s easier for you to get through it. But I don’t take that as being much to be honest with you.”

Fred Griffin (Grand Cypress Academy of Golf): “It looks like he is trying to make more of a draw swing. He’s more inside in his backswing.”

Jim Murphy (Sugar Creek Country Club): “Tiger’s swing looked very easy as if he was loosening up and not really going after it. He also looked as if he is trying to keep it simple swinging the arms and club a little more independent of the body, posssibly to take any and all pressure off the back and body, a very capable swing but one that would rely on rhythm, timing, and tempo.”

Chuck Evans (Chuck Evans Golf): “I think this swing looks more like his ‘old’ swing. It is shorter but it’s also a short iron so the length of it is fine. He also looks leaner which I think will help him as well. With the thinner, not bulked up look of an NFL linebacker, I believe he will have a better chance of trying to get back to the swing he had in 2000.”

Tom Stickney II (The Vidanta Golf Academies): “It’s a swing that was at partial speed with a short iron, so I’m not impressed. I want to see what happens at full-speed with the driver!”

Krista Dunton (Berkely Hall Club): “His swing appears to be very in to out or to the right. He might be best served trying to hit hooks and slices like Bubba, use his creativity and not worry about hitting a straight shot.”

Peter Krause (Peter Krause Golf): “This looks more like his original swing where he crossed the line in his backswing.”

Steve Bosdosh (Four Streams Golf Academy): “Tiger’s swing is much more in-around and deeper at the top. The swing is much more under and out to the right with higher finish. That should produce a high draw.”

Mike Davis (Walters Golf Academy): “I really like his transition. It is not as violent and keeps him in a better position to go through impact. It does look ultra smooth. I’m not sure he could keep that tempo on the course, though. Overall, it does look better and should help avoid injury.”

Eric Johnson (Oakmont Country Club): “I am going to side with Brandel Chamblee on this one. And I am not sure why the social media world is going crazy on this. It looks to me like he is moving more off the ball, slower, and it doesn’t look like he is violently crashing down on the ball so much. He does look a lot shorter in the backswing and he looks sore. It looks to me like a soft, sore, slow-motion swing. I say no chance for Augusta!”