U.S. Open Style: Tiger Woods's U.S. Open outfits are all planned out

U.S. Open Style: Tiger Woods’s U.S. Open outfits are all planned out

Tiger Woods will be wearing these combinations during this week's U.S. Open. <strong><a href="http://www.golf.com/photos/us-open-style-gallery/tiger-woods-us-open-style#node-308104">See more photos</a></strong>
Courtesy of Nike Golf

If he adheres to the “script” — the day-by-day fashion plan provided by his sponsor, Nike —  Tiger Woods will wear his usual mix of striped and solid golf clothing this week at the Olympic Club. The one unusual item is Friday’s black shirt tipped with red on the collar and button placket, from the TW Ultra Polo collection. We haven't seen that before.

Checking out other advance scripts, we see a couple of trends. There will be plaid (Stephen Ames, Lucas Glover, Kevin Chappell, and Carl Pettersson). The new pop color is yellow (Sergio Garcia in Adidas; Paul Casey, Ames, and Stewart Cink in Nike). Rory McIlroy will make a splash on Saturday in Oakley's “striation” polo, with a vivid, two-orange color-block design. If he somehow is paired with Rickie Fowler, it could be hard on the eyes

Fowler's script from Puma, strangely enough, includes plaid shorts, in orange of course, to be worn Sunday. However, in a footnote, the company advises that he will be wearing a long-pants version of the shorts…. Shucks. That would have been something to see.

Tiger’s stand-out color will be lime green, which Nike calls “gym green,” perhaps as a reference to colors your typical gym rat wears. He dons a green striped polo Saturday along with a pair of slate-gray trousers and a silver trimmed gray belt. On Sunday, never fear, he plans a red shirt (in a jacquard pattern) with black pants.