Tiger Woods’ New Course Looks a Lot Like Augusta National

November 20, 2015

Tiger Woods has said on numerous occasions that part of the goal in designing Bluejack National outside Houston, Woods’ first design to open in the U.S., was to create a feel and look similar to that of Augusta National. Based on early photos, including a few that Woods linked to Friday via his Twitter account, he has accomplished that feat.

Part of the reason why Woods wants Bluejack to evoke Augusta National is that he wants the course to be friendly and playable for all skill levels. Augusta certainly isn’t a course for every golfer, but it’s built and designed in a way that allows you to hit creative recovery shots rather than spend endless time searching for errant shots. 

“The course will be more open. But more than anything, it’s very playable,” Woods said earlier this year. “One of the neat things about playing Augusta National is that you never lose a golf ball. You may lose one in Rae’s Creek, but the vegetation has all been dug out. We’re trying to do the same thing here so that you can play one ball all the way around.

“Obviously there are some big lakes, so stay out of the lakes. But if you hit your ball in the trees you should be able to find it. Not too many courses are like that any more. Some of the older courses are like that, and we’re trying to have that older feel here.”

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Photos posted Friday on Bluejack National’s website seem to reflect this older feel that Woods speaks of. The pictures of the fourth and fifth holes look almost exactly like Augusta National. 

Bluejack National features several attractions beyond the golf course, including a “miniature Fenway Park” where kids will be able to play wiffle ball. Read more about what to expect at Bluejack National here, and check out a time lapse video of the course’s construction below: