Tiger Woods Hits Balls In Front of Spectators at Tiger Jam

April 29, 2016

Tiger Woods is “sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines.”

The 14-time major winner said so on Friday from Las Vegas, where he’s hosting Tiger Jam again this year. A Periscope feed provided by Woods’s foundation showed Woods hitting balls and testing clubs on the practice range at swanky Shadow Creek Golf Course in front of what appeared to be at least 100 spectators.

“It’s getting there,” Woods said, referring to his recovery. “Has not been a fun process, I’ll tell you that.”

When an onlooker asked Woods how much longer until he returns, Woods sounded ready mentally, if not physically.

“If I could tell you, I would. Because I’m getting sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines,” Woods said. “I want to start competing against these boys. I miss it.”

The fans applauded, and Woods hit another driver.

“I miss doing that out there,” he said.

Nice mic drop, TW.