Tiger Woods Calls ESPN's Stuart Scott a 'Hero'

Tiger Woods Calls ESPN’s Stuart Scott a ‘Hero’

ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott at the Travelers Championship Celebrity Pro-Am in June 2007.
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Groundbreaking ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott died Sunday morning at age 49 after a long battle with cancer, and Tiger Woods was one of many figures in the sports world to pass along his condolences to Scott’s family.

Woods is known for his guarded relationship with the press, but he was close with Scott. In an August 2014 interview with SI Golf+ Digital, Scott joked about how Woods is a better player than a teacher. (Scott described himself as a “16 to 20” handicap.)

“Tiger’s a horrible golf teacher. I was playing golf with him one time and we got to this hole, and I said, “T-Dub, what do you do off the tee?” And he was like, ‘This is easy. You hit like a 275-yard drive with a 7-yard draw.” And I just looked at him and said, ‘That’s all you do?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ That’s how he teaches. I’ve played with him a few times. It’s always fun playing with him. He laughs about your game.”

Scott also credited Woods with bringing him into golf and developing his love for the game.

”I started playing in ’98, but I got hooked by playing celebrity tournaments. Tiger had a lot to do with it — his passion, the way he plays. He’s unique and different, and he inspired a lot of my passion.”

Many other pro golfers expressed their sadness at Scott’s passing on Twitter as well.

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