Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy get laughs with Jimmy Fallon on ‘Tonight Show’

August 19, 2014

Jimmy Fallon has an impressive list of career achievements: a stellar run on Saturday Night Live that included an appearance in the "More Cowbell" sketch, a starring role opposite rom-com queen Drew Barrymore in the charming Fever Pitch, and most recently hosting The Tonight Show, one of the most storied and sought-after gigs in show business.

However, Fallon might have outdone himself Monday night, when he actually got Tiger Woods to show the world his sense of humor.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Rory McIlroy to promote Nike’s new Vapor irons, Woods traded jibes with Fallon, who once beat Woods at Wii golf. When Fallon asked McIlroy about winning the PGA Championship in darkness two weeks ago, Woods interjected that Valhalla did indeed look dark on TV as he watched it from his couch as he recovers from a back injury.

In the clip below, Fallon – with Woods coaching — takes on McIlroy in a chipping contest. Fallon proves to be an enthusiastic amateur with a golf club, losing to McIlroy. But in getting Woods to loosen up and be himself on camera, Fallon proved that he’s a pro’s pro.

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