Tiger: Tailor-made

It’s common knowledge that when you look good, you feel better about yourself, and you can play with confidence. We asked Tiger’s tailoring team at Nike how you can look just as put together:

According to Doug Reed, Director of Nike Golf Apparel,”Most golfers tend to wear polos that are one size too big. For some reason, the thinking exists that if you wear a shirt that is too big, you are less likely to inhibit the golf swing, when actually, a shirt that fits you properly will perform better. Better fitted apparel also provides a neater style and look.”

Tiger wears his uncuffed, tailored to just above the heel of his shoe. The pants are uncuffed for both the stylish look and also so sand and grass don’t pile up in the folds. And on the subject of pleats, puleeze don’t. Tiger’s slacks are usually flat-fronts; they’re hip and fresh and they flatter more body types than your antiquated pleats ever did. You can find them at any store that isn’t called Woolworth’s.

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