No More Face Paint or Tattoos as Team USA Gets Serious at Solheim Cup

September 15, 2015

Team USA seems to be taking a business-like approach to this year’s Solheim Cup.

After losing the last two renditions of the Europe vs. America event, United States captain Juli Inkster is preaching a serious mentality. That means little time spent on accessories.

“You know what, we haven’t spent any time on [painting our] nails,” Inkster said during the American captains press conference Tuesday in St. Leon-Rot, Germany. “It’s a different group, so we’re doing fine.”

Whether or not we’ll see red, white and blue nail polish dominating the fairways at St. Leon-Rot Golf Club remains to be seen. Inkster continued saying, “We’re women. That’s what we do.”

Face tattoos, however, might be out of the question. A staple in recent Solheim Cups was the American flag face paint, but according to Stacy Lewis and Lizette Salas, those might not reappear.

“I think everybody’s grown up,” Lewis said. “Hopefully everybody is past all the tattoos and the face paint and all that.”

“This is what we’re here for,” she continued. “We’re not here to pump up the crowds and do all that, we’re here to win this thing.”

“I think Juli said no more of this rah-rah stuff,” Salas said. “And I was, like, OK, we’re not cheerleaders, so none of that face paint or none of those tattoos. It’s definitely toned down quite a bit since the first Solheim I was at. And I think it’s a lot of excess energy that’s used on trying to put a—where do I put this tattoo or does this ribbon match this outfit? None of that. We go out and handle our business and play the best golf it that we can. And I think it’s working.”

Face tattoos be damned.

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