Strippers, sex acts alleged at golf outing

Strippers, sex acts alleged at golf outing

Most golf outings feature standard forms of entertainment, like closest-to-the-hole and longest drive contests. But the activities allegedly on offer at a golf event held this week in Stroudsburg, Pa., have become the subject of a police investigation.

According to a report in the Pocono Record, a private party at Cherry Valley Golf Course featured bikini-clad, topless and nude women, some of whom were performing lap dances for golfers. Others are alleged to have performed sex acts with each other.

The birdie burlesque came to light when a local man, Dave Gold, 20, was denied access to a road near the course. According to the paper, Gold claims that when he informed a course employee that he needed to access the road to reach a friend’s house, the employee threatened him, saying, “I’ll kick your ass,” and “I’ll break your neck.”

Along with a friend, Will Croasdale, Gold then stood across the road and recorded pictures and video of what was happening on the course.

“They had stations around the course with lawn chairs and blankets laid out,” said Croasdale. According to the two amateur investigators, the stations featured scantily clad and naked women, some of whom were gyrating on golfers or performing lewd acts with each other. Gold and Croasdale also claimed in the paper’s report that they saw money exchanged between the parties, even overhearing the women refer to their posts as “pay to play stations.”

Stroudsburg Area Regional Police were called in to investigate. After questioning the course owner, Gene Percudani, and a representative for the women — who are reported to be dancers at CR Fanny’s Gentlemen’s Club in Wilson, Penn. — police were still unsure if any laws had been broken. One of the cops called to the course, Officer Ruben Torres, would only say, “This is an ongoing investigation.”