Steph Curry: President Obama ‘Talking Trash’ on the Golf Course

August 19, 2015

President Obama, who has been playing a lot of golf lately, seems to have found an opponent he can beat in NBA champion and league MVP Steph Curry.

The pair recently played golf on Martha’s Vineyard with Curry’s father, former NBA player Dell Curry, and two-time NBA champ Ray Allen. Steph and his father took on Allen and Obama and apparently lost after Steph triple-bogeyed the last hole. 

“The president was talking trash,” Steph said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday. “There would be like a four-foot putt. With the friendly games, where you’re not really playing for money or betting anything, usually it’s a gimme. You pick it up. He be crickets, just silent. Looking at you like, ‘Alright are you gonna make that?’ Put the pressure on you, that kind of deal.”

And for Steph, it wasn’t exactly relaxing.

“There’s 25 secret service on every hole so I couldn’t relax at all. Snipers everywhere,” he said.

Check out the clip from Kimmel below and take a look at Steph Curry’s golf swing. Wonder how many shots President Obama was getting?

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