This week's heroes? Stacy Lewis, Michelle Wie and the Master of Merion. Zeros? Patrick Reed and Shawn Stefani

This week’s heroes? Stacy Lewis, Michelle Wie and the Master of Merion. Zeros? Patrick Reed and Shawn Stefani


1. Stacy Lewis. A week after her electric closing round at the Open, Miss Arkansas wowed the home folks with a final-hole birdie for her third win of the season. Lewis has steel in her backbone — literally and figuratively.


Stacy Lewis

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2. JRo. Don’t look now, but the master of Merion is healthy again and finding his game just in time for the meat of the season. If anyone out there puts money on Tiger over Rose at Hoylake, they should have their head examined.


Justin Rose

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3. Ben Martin. With three birdies in his final six holes, this spunky kid from Clemson earned his third top-3 finish of the season and punched his ticket to his first Open Championship. And best of all, he finally played his way off the Zeros list.


Ben Martin

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4. Florentyna Parker. The 25-year-old English lass roared to victory at the Ladies Italian Open thanks to an albatross on the 14th hole. Take that, Sarazen.


Florentyna Parker

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5. Michelle Wie. Of course she ran out of gas on Sunday — it’s amazing she was able to get out of bed at all. But a high-profile media tour of New York followed by a strong performance at Arkansas only added to the starpower of the Open champ.


Michelle Wie

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1. Patrick Reed. Three doubles and five bogies added up to a disastrous final round for the 54-hole leader at Congo. Whether you love him or hate him — and it seems that golf fans skew toward the latter — Reed is undeniably good for golf, a talented player who stirs the pot like few others. Stay salty, young man.


Patrick Reed

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2. Seung-Yul Noh. He’ll receive 1 percent of the flack tossed at Reed, but Noh actually played worse, shooting a back-nine 43 playing out of the final group. Yikes.


Seung-Yul Noh

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3. Shawn Stefani. While Lewis was slamming the door with the step-on-your-neck flintiness that has come to define this year’s LPGA winners, this journeyman made an absolute mess of his playoff against Rose: in the trees, in the water, down the road.


Shawn Stefani

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4. Lydia Ko. She made one bogey in 54 holes last week, on No. 12 on Saturday. Choker.


Lydia Ko

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5. College kids. At least, *our* college kids: they got drubbed at the Palmer Cup 18.5-11.5. But thanks to grade inflation the score was changed to 18-12.


Palmer Cup

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