Should the U.S. Open be played on a set rota of courses, like the British Open?

Should the U.S. Open be played on a set rota of courses, like the British Open?

San Francisco's Olympic Club, venue for the 2012 U.S. Open in June.
John Mummert/USGA

YES! Keegan Bradley, Won the 2011 PGA Championship
I LIKE THAT. I think the U.S. Open should be played on an old, classic course. Tournaments like the British Open have such history — you almost know all the holes from all the courses, and I think that's cool. If I could suggest a rota for the U.S. Open, I would include Winged Foot, Shinnecock, Pebble Beach, the Olympic Club, Oakmont and Bethpage, which is my favorite course in the world. I'm biased, but I think the Northeast and some courses on the West Coast have the best U.S. Open venues because of their classic layouts with big trees and history. I like saying that Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson or Arnold Palmer did this on this hole. People like that. It just adds to the history of the tournament, and you can stand on those holes and remember watching or seeing their shots.

NO! Paul Casey, 13 tournament wins worldwide
THERE'S SOMETHING cool about going back to the same venue time and time again. However, because there are so many great golf courses in the U.S. — I mean, there are dozens and dozens of them — I think it's only right to move it around to get as many people exposed to the game as possible and to get as many communities as possible to benefit from the dollars that a major tournament brings. There's so much money raised for charity when a large event comes into town, and I think that money should be spread around the United States. There's also something great about playing at public courses, because then anyone can go play, or may have already played, that course. We get to go around the country and see great places, and sometimes those courses just suit your game. I think there's something cool about that.


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