Shooting Star: Alice Cooper

Shooting Star: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

In your new book Alice Cooper, Golf
, you write about trading
booze for golf.

I’m from Detroit, where we have three sports: baseball, football and grand theft
auto. We would beat up guys who played
golf. But when I quit drinking in the early
’80s, golf became my addiction. I’d play 36 a
day, then go hit 600 balls! I went from a 36
handicap to a 9.

So Betty Ford should offer lessons?
Actually, that would be smart. I know a lot of
guys who’ve traded alcohol for golf.

You ever play with John Daly?
A lot. I’ve told him, “Your problem isn’t
drinking — it’s that every time you get
drunk, you get married.” (Laughs.)
He says, ” You’re
right! I have a
problem. I get too

What was your
drink of choice?

It used to be a couple
shots of VO, a case of
Bud, and a halfbottle
of Seagram’s.
But now? Just a Diet
Coke with tons of ice.

You sang Welcome to My
What’s your golf

It’s not the shank — it’s the shot after the
shank. I got crazy with it for four days once
and almost went insane. Also, I have a
dream where I’m trying to hit a ball in a
confined area, but I can’t get a full
backswing. Horrifying.

The man who brought electric
chairs and boa constrictors to rock
dreams about his backswing?

Wait, you know what’s scarier? When you
get a song you hate stuck in your head. I’ll
be 1-under with three to play, ready to hit,
and I hear, ” You, you light up my life! You
give me hope, to carry on…” Where did that
come from? Gruesome!

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