Shingo Katayama Shows Off Odd Putting Routine on European Tour

March 11, 2016

Shingo Katayama might be more well known for wearing cowboy hats on the course, but his recent putting routine might change that. Having ditched the cowboy hat at this week’s European Tour stop, Katayama showed off an interesting putting technique.

Using a long putter, unanchored, Katayama positions himself behind the ball, lining the putter head up before swiveling around it to hit his putt.

As odd as it may be, the routine does seem to be working. He has taken just 55 putts at the halfway mark of the Thailand Classic which is actually two putts less than co-leader Scott Hend who fired an 8-under 64 on Friday.

The main takeaway here is that professional golfers will try anything, yes anything, to hole more putts. Take a look at the video below.