Second Witness Contradicts Robert Allenby’s Kidnapping Claim

January 22, 2015

Another witness has come forward to contradict the details of Australian golfer Robert Allenby’s account of being kidnapped, beaten and robbed in Honolulu on Friday night after missing the cut at the Sony Open.

Chris Khamis, a 47-year-old homeless man, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that he was present when Allenby injured himself. According to Khamis, Allenby passed out and hit his head on a lava rock after telling Khamis he had been drugged at a nearby strip club.

“There was no crime [when I was present]. It was his stupidity,” Khamis said. “[Allenby] passed out and hit his head. I was there. Nobody pushed him out of a car.”

Khamis says he tried to help Allenby, but the 43-year-old Tour pro was very disoriented.

Khamis said he gave Allenby a stack of napkins from his bag and tried to get Allenby to focus, but Allenby kept repeating that he was a millionaire and waved around his American Express Platinum Card.

Khamis told Allenby he wasn’t sure a taxi would take a credit card and offered to give his last $7 to pay for Allenby’s taxi fare back to his hotel.

“He was very down, very, very down, about losing,” Khamis said of Allenby before he was injured.

Khamis is the second witness to dispute parts of the harrowing tale Allenby told the Australian Associated Press about being abducted at the Amuse wine bar, beaten, robbed, stuffed in the trunk of a car and then dropped off at a park several miles away. On Monday, Charade Keane, the homeless woman whom Allenby credits with helping to save his life, told the Star-Advertiser that she found Allenby just down the block from the wine bar.

A spokesperson for the Honolulu Police Department said that the incident is being investigated as a possible second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of credit card case. Allenby’s case has not been classified as a possible kidnapping or assault.

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