Europe's 'Guardians of the Cup' Lead Gleneagles in Song at the Ryder Cup

Europe’s ‘Guardians of the Cup’ Lead Gleneagles in Song at the Ryder Cup

GLENEAGLES, Scotland –- The Ryder Cup is known for the noisiest fans in golf, and this week has been no exception.

But eight Brits have distinguished themselves as the loudest of the roughly 50,000 in attendance each day.

They call themselves the “Guardians of the Cup,” and they’re a group of college buddies in their mid-30s who meet every two years at the Ryder Cup to reunite and create some new memories. This week they're donning bright blue-and-yellow European-team themed costumes and berets, and even in a massive crowd of fans garishly displaying their rooting interests, these guys stand out.

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They also take their cheering seriously — this year they customized songs to sing for each player on the European team, and from their perch in the front row of the first tee bleachers, the octet has led the crowd in song each morning. (Our favorites: “Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Chameleon” and “Glory, Glory Ian Poulter.”) The golfers have eaten it up, and the Guardians have been posing for photos and doing TV interviews throughout the weekend.

The members of the crew: Teddy Shuttleworth, Jonny Cowie, John Westlake, Andrew Wright, Martin Jones, Chris Scott-Batey, William Hawksley and Mo Mohan. "We are a bit shattered," Shuttleworth said Saturday morning after the players had cleared the first tee. "Some of us got here at 3:15 a.m." The Guardians still rallied for another show. Here they are in action.

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