Rory McIlroy Writes Down His Goals on a Boarding Pass Each Year

January 13, 2015

We already know one of Rory McIlroy’s goals for 2015 — the Green Jacket. Now we know where it’s written down.

Speaking to reporters before the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship, McIlroy said each year on his flight from Dublin to Dubai, he jots down what he wants to accomplish on the back of his boarding pass, memorizes the goals and keeps the boarding pass in his wallet for the entire year. At year’s end, he reviews his progress. 

How did he do in 2014? He wanted to have six worldwide wins and settled for four, but only wanted one major and nabbed two.

“I actually didn’t achieve everything that I wanted to,” McIlroy said. “But still, it was a good year.”

At the end of 2014, McIlroy spoke to the Guardian about his goals and how they aren’t always directly related to the course.

“One of my goals this year was to be better at replying to people, to be better at getting back to emails,” McIlroy said. “I managed that, I’m much better now. I used to be terrible. I would read something, say to myself I would get back to it later then never do it. I’d have messages the next week asking, ‘Did you get my email?’ That’s an example of how I try to set my goals.”

McIlroy’s other on-course goals were to be top 40 in strokes gained putting (he was 41st in 2014, up from 117th) and to improve his scrambling rate (88th from 145th). Those were a success.

The world No. 1 didn’t reveal his full list of goals for the upcoming year, but one of his goals for the future will be to travel sans boarding pass, presumably on his own jet.

“One day, I won’t need a boarding pass. That’s the ultimate,” he said.

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