Rory McIlroy fuels up his fans with kindness while fueling up in Louisville for PGA

Rory McIlroy fuels up his fans with kindness while fueling up in Louisville for PGA

After finishing his first two rounds of PGA Championship play at 9-under, Rory McIlroy is winning all over the course at Valhalla, and he's winning over the hearts of Louisvillians — one 15-year-old and her father in particular.

According to his blog post, Timothy Campbell and his daughter, Maggie, followed McIlroy around the back nine of his first round at the PGA Championship course at Valhalla. They left shortly after McIlroy finished his round, and like any family on their way back from a day out, stopped for gas at a Thornton’s down the road from the course.

At that moment, Campbell said he spotted someone wearing similar clothes to what McIlroy was wearing on the course that day moving toward the pump behind theirs. When he realized it was McIlroy, Campbell told his daughter that if she wanted that coveted autograph, it was now or never.

Rory and Maggie

Timothy Campbell snapped this photo of Rory and his daughter Maggie.

Here’s an excerpt of Campbell’s and Maggie’s encounter:

“Maggie asked the caddy if she could approach Rory, and he said “Sure.”  She then motioned to Rory, and he smiled and waved her toward him.  She said, “Hi, I’m Maggie, how are you?”  Rory said, “Oh, I’m a little tired, but feel pretty good.  I had a good day today (66), could have been better.”

“…He’s the #1 golfer in the world and more importantly a fine young man.  Those two don’t always go together.  He could have easily ignored us and we would have understood — after all, he is trying to win a major championship.  But he didn’t ignore us because he has character and recognizes the importance and his responsibility as an ambassador of the game.  He took just a minute of his time to create an experience that we won’t forget…Success has not gone to his head, and I hope that it never does.  If he keeps his feet on the ground, it’s hard to say how much of his potential that he will achieve.”

You can read the full post on here. 

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