R&A Expands Measures to Penalize Slow Play

R&A Expands Measures to Penalize Slow Play


You can’t hide from the slow-play police.

The R&A introduced two new measures for amateur and international events that expand its ability to penalize golfers who don’t keep up the pace.

Officials will now be able to time both groups lagging behind the golfers in front of them even if they are playing within the time allowed for the number of holes played and players “playing at an overly slow pace” within an otherwise brisk group that has yet to fall out of position.

R&A rules czar David Rickman said these new policies will aid the governing body in its ongoing efforts to speed up the game.

“It is now possible for us to address instances where a particular group has fallen behind, and is playing considerably slower than those groups ahead of them, but is still under the schedule. The Committee will now have authority to time these groups and encourage a quicker pace of play.

“Players also have a responsibility for playing at a good pace, not just when they are out of position and being timed. We will now be able to intervene in situations where a player is only being kept in position as a result of the quick pace of play from others in their group.”