Trump Wants to Play Golf in Front of the Queen

January 23, 2017

President Donald Trump already has a plan in mind for his first official state visit to the United Kingdom this summer, and it doesn’t only include policy talk — Trump wants to play golf at the Queen’s private home at Balmoral, Scotland while Her Majesty looks on.

According to The Telegraph, discussions are “underway” about the new President playing golf at the Queen’s private nine-hole course. Apparently, Trump is aiming to top an iconic photo of former president Ronald Reagan and Her Majesty horseback riding at Windsor Castle in 1982.

State visits are generally held at either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle because they are owned by the state. Balmoral, on the other hand, is the Queen’s private residence, and an invitation there would be seen to have large significance on both a political and personal level.

So far, no confirmation on whether we’ll see Lizzie “tee it up” with the 45th president. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said plans for the visit have not been announced, and wouldn’t speculate about future plans.

“As is well known,” the spokesperson said, “Invitations for all State Visits are extended on the advice of government.”

The UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, will be the first foreign dignitary to visit President Trump in an official capacity this week.