Police: Man Does 'Donuts' on Pair of New York Golf Courses After Breakup

Police: Man Does ‘Donuts’ on Pair of New York Golf Courses After Breakup

Plenty of golfers tee it up Saturday morning for a leisurely weekend round. Last Saturday, police say Austin Christopher spent his morning destroying a golf course.

After his girlfriend broke up with him, the 23-year-old headed over to Harvest Hill Golf Club outside of Buffalo, N.Y., drove his truck onto the course and drove "donuts" into the 9th green, according to a report by News 4 Buffalo. His alleged off-roading caused an estimated $50,000 in damages. According to the report, Christopher then drove five miles south to Bob-O-Link Golf Club and allegedly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the practice facility there as well.

“The cops called me at about 3:30 in the morning. The vehicle came down the hill and did about three or four large donuts in the middle of our 9th green here,” Harvest Hill course superintendent Eric Tuchols told WesternNYNews.com. “It kind of hurts. Kind of hurts our morale here, too.”

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A neighbor called 911, and when police stopped Christopher in his truck, they found grass still stuck on it. Police say surveillance video also caught Christopher in action.

According to the initial report, Christopher's charges include felony criminal mischief and trespassing, including criminal possession of a weapon from a prior conviction. In June, Christopher was arrested for driving a four-wheeler onto a neighbor's lawn and harassing them.

Both golf courses are still open for business as Harvest Hill has a temporary ninth green.

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