Police Called to Weston Golf Club After Fight Breaks Out Over No-Jeans Policy

Police Called to Weston Golf Club After Fight Breaks Out Over No-Jeans Policy

The Weston clubhouse.

The genteel environs of a private, upper-crust country club are the last place you’d expect police to be called to break up a fistfight, but that’s what happened when a disagreement over denim turned violent at Massachusetts’ Weston Golf Club, according to a report from the Boston Globe.

The fracas occurred in September when Stephen and Charlotte Weeple, guests at Weston, were walking to the clubhouse to meet a group of members for a drink around 11 p.m. According to a letter the couple wrote to the club’s directors, club president Tom Ferry approached the Weeples and used profane language to let them know they were in violation of the club’s policy against jeans. That led to a shouting match between Ferry and Stephen Weeple and a call to the police reporting a “fistfight in progress.”

“When I arrived, I observed two men . . . engaged in a loud, verbal argument,” patrolman Joseph Kozowyk wrote in his report, noting that “neither man had any signs of a physical altercation.”

Ferry volunteered to take a one-month suspension and then resigned earlier this month.

“It was wrong of me to have spoken that way, I have no excuse, and I sincerely regret having done so,” he wrote in a letter to the Globe.

The club is located about 15 miles outside Boston and, the Globe reports, has an initiation fee of $45,000. That will help get you a tee time on the Donald Ross designed 6,657-yard track. The club’s official dress code bans “for all players and their guests, clothing with offensive language or designs, jeans of any color, cargo shorts or cargo pants, short shorts, tennis shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, halter tops and racer backs are not considered suitable.”

It’s a code the club takes seriously. In the wake of the incident between the Weeples and Ferry, the club investigated the members the Weeples were apparently going to meet and suspended them for three months for wearing jeans and other dress-code violations.

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