Ping Clubs Stolen From Wounded Veteran

April 2, 2015

Marine Lt. Col. Justin Constantine has experienced much worse hardships than having his golf clubs stolen. But for Constantine, from whom three clubs were stolen off the range at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Va., last week, the custom clubs served a special role in his post-war life.

Constantine was given custom-made clubs with his name inscribed as part of a Ping-sponsored program that provides clubs to wounded veterans. Constantine survived a number of serious physical injuries, including being shot in the head by a sniper in 2006, while deployed in Iraq.

“My head was really swollen for a long time and I looked terrible and I didn’t really like to go outside very much because people were staring,” Constantine told the Marine Corps Times. “It was very therapeutic to be outside and get nice view and nature and think about hitting the golf ball and not all the other things in my life.”

Of the three missing clubs, one has been returned. Still missing are two wedges, though a Ping representative said the company would be sending Constantine new clubs this week. The Army Navy Country Club course is home to many current military members, government officials, veterans as well as civilians.

“No questions asked,” Constantine said. “I just want them to do the right thing and turn the clubs in. I’ll assume it was a mistake.”

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