Phil Mickelson Gave Two Kids A $99 Tip At Their Lemonade Stand

June 8, 2015

Some players hit the gym before their tournament rounds. Others grind on the range trying to find their swing. Phil Mickelson drives around handing out $100 bills at lemonade stands. 

Before his opening round at the Memorial Tournament, Mickelson stopped at the lemonade stand of 6-year-old Roland Van Karsen and 8-year-old Elise Van Karsen. The five-time major champ paid for his lemonade with a $100 bill. And let the kids keep the change.

“All we were doing was sitting here, then we saw this white car drive up,” Roland told the Columbus Dispatch. “He just opened the door and said, ‘Can we have a glass of lemonade?’ All it took was one little thing for him to give us a good tip.”

Ann Van Karsen, the mother of the entrepreneurs, said there wasn’t any time for photos or autographs.

“It happened so fast that we were kind of stunned,” she said. “What a great guy, though, right? So generous and the kids will have a memory like that forever.”

The only discrepancy is what the Van Karsens will spend their extra cash on. Elise is saving for a Kindle. Roland has other plans.

“That’s what she’s doing,” he said. “I’m saving up for something else. I think I’m saving up for a nerf gun.”

The lemonade didn’t help Mickelson on the course. After stopping by the stand, he went out and shot a first-round 72 en route to a T65 finish.

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