Phil Mickelson Excited About Tiger Woods as Ryder Cup Assistant Captain

September 11, 2016

Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour in October, but first, his primary duty on any golf course will be as Ryder Cup assistant captain.

According to Phil Mickelson, Woods is doing a great job of that.

“I am so happy to see how well he has thought this through,” Mickelson said, according to a report from Golf Channel. “I can’t believe our conversations just this week, how detailed he is and the pairings, the possibilities, the players. Not just what matches they’re going to play, but where on the list. He has got us really a good, solid game plan that is easy to buy into and get behind. I’m very impressed.”

It wasn’t long ago that captain Davis Love said Woods would be the team’s tactician, had been watching plenty of golf and already knew which players he wanted to watch over during the event.

With endorsements from both Mickelson and Love, it sounds like Woods is as just as fired up about the Ryder Cup as everyone else.