Phil Mickelson Criticizes PGA Tour’s Setup of Tour Championship

September 25, 2016

Phil Mickelson wasn’t happy with the PGA Tour’s course setup for the Tour Championship, and he let everyone know.

After his final round, Mickelson was critical of the PGA Tour’s setup ahead of this week’s Ryder Cup because of the thickness of the rough. After a Sunday 66, Mickelson finished in 22nd place. The PGA of America runs the Ryder Cup when it’s hosted in the United States, and the European tour runs the event when it’s held in Europe. Seven, and potentially eight, U.S. Ryder Cup team members were in the Tour Championship, but didn’t get the best of preparation.

“I’m going to point something out,” Mickelson said. “This is a great example of the disconnect that we have on the U.S. side because the (PGA) Tour doesn’t own the Ryder Cup, or doesn’t work in conjunction with the PGA of America. The European tour would never have the setup be so different the week before the Ryder Cup.

“Why the Tour set it up so differently from what we’re going to have next week is a lack of communication and working together. It’s those kinds of details that we have to sort through as a unit to bring out our best.”

Those little things were supposed to be taken care of with the creation of the widely mocked U.S. Ryder Cup task force. Another item Mickelson hit on was waiting until after the Tour Championship for the final captain’s pick to fill out the U.S. Ryder Cup roster.

“It might have been a mistake to wait this long for the final pick,” Mickelson said. “It’s kind of hard to get all the game plans and so forth in sync when the team is not quite finalized, but those are all little details.”

Love makes his final captain’s pick tonight during halftime of Sunday Night Football on NBC. Stay tuned to to see who Love tabs as his 12th man.