PGA Tour Upset With Color of Caddie’s Shorts

March 23, 2015

The relationship between caddies and the PGA Tour is already heated and tense, and one caddie’s run in with the Tour’s fashion police at the Arnold Palmer Invitational over the weekend may just be fueling the fire.

Duane Bock, caddie for Kevin Kisner (who got into Bay Hill when Bubba Watson withdrew) was apparently told by Tour officials that his choice of clothing Saturday ventured outside the rules. Check out the Facebook post below, which is complete with a concluding shot at the Tour and its principal concerns about the placement of sponsor logos, which caddies are required to wear.



On Feb. 3, 2015, more than 80 caddies filed a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit against the PGA Tour, arguing that the Tour cannot legally require caddies to wear sponsor logos on caddie bibs. As Sports Illustrated’s Michael McCann wrote, “the caddies contend that the PGA Tour forces them to become unpaid human billboards for the advertisement of companies sponsoring the Tour.”

It’s unclear why the Tour did not approve of the color of Bock’s shorts, and as one commenter on Facebook pointed out, Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks were wearing shirts of a similar color during NBC’s telecast. The Tour did not immediately return our request for comment.

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